Right-To-Know Information

UAJA wants to answer your questions. Often the quickest way to get an answer is to call. Through a conversation we will understand much more clearly what you need, and can eliminate much of the time consuming process of responding to a formal Right-To-Know request. We encourage you to call. The first person you talk to will help determine who best can answer your questions, or you can ask to be transferred to Cory Miller, Executive Director.

Even if you are going to file a formal request, a phone call is still a good idea to expedite the process.

To obtain information from the University Area Joint Authority through the formal Right-To-Know process you'll need to fill out a Right-To-Know request form.

The current Right-To-Know Request form below needs to be downloaded (saved), and then printed before it can be filled out. You can then mail it, fax it, or drop it off in person at our office. Soon this form will be replaced with a version that once downloaded, can be filled in electronically (and saved), and then emailed to the address we provide below, in addition to the mail, fax, and drop-off options

Right-To-Know form (requires Adobe Acrobat reader)

To Learn more about the Pennsylvania Right-To-Know Law, click the following link to the Pennsylvania Office Of Open Records.

UAJA Right-To-Know Officer:

Mr. Cory R. Miller
1576 Spring Valley Road
State College, PA,  16801
Phone: 814-238-5361
Fax: 814-238-1531
[email protected]