Downloadable Documents Page

Below is a list containing links to forms and other documents downloadable from the UAJA website.

Auto-Pay / ACH - download and fill out this Adobe Acrobat form, and bring to our office to have your quarterly bill AUTOMATICALLY charged to your bank account.

Address Change - fill this out online or after downloading, save and email to [email protected], or print and fill out by hand and send by mail.

Discharge Questionnaire - this form is for new commercial properties, or for commercial properties that have changed in their use.

GIS Documents Bundle - this zip file contains files and information necessary for submitting the required subdivision data.


* Odor Observation Data Collection Sheet - this form may be printed and filled out by those wishing to report odor issues.

* Online Odor Submission - to submit your Odor Observations online, click this link and follow the web page instructions

* Odor Control Study - Interim Report - study results as of April 2015

Power of Attorney - this document allows you to appoint an "agent" to negotiate and sign the documents necessary to obtain a UAJA sewer connection permit.

Sewer Construction Specifications - a list of documents
that are the individual sections of the "Service Connection Policy and Standard Specifications for The Construction of an Extension to the Sanitary Sewer System". In addition there is a combined document containing all sections.

Sewer Extension Agreement - choose the correct version

                DEP Permit Required

                No DEP Permit Required

Standard Easement -

UAJA Rate Resolution - (04/05/2018) document detailing rates/charges, sewer usage/restrictions, billing procedures

UAJA Local Limits Resolution  - (Dec 2014) specific discharge limits that regulated customers must abide by

UAJA Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP) Resolution  - (Oct 2010) program details, restrictions, info necessary for businesses regulated by IPP

UAJA Commercial Wastewater Discharge Survey - (2017) fill in and submit - used to determine if IPP Questionnaire is necessary

UAJA Industrial Pretreatment Application and Discharge Questionnaire

Yearly EDU Report - a form for businesses to fill in and return to UAJA, used to determine EDU assignment

Water Quality management Permit Application -

Evaluation of Phosphorus Standards Study report -

..\download\fillable permit form test.pdf